About Us

Way2rentout is an Indian peer-to-peer marketplace, which runs on a completely new concept for connecting the owners to renters and vice versa. Focusing on the complete utilization of goods and services by making them available at lesser prices without any hassles, we promote the idea of collaborative consumption among the society. Most of the products that we buy become useless after a point of time. Way2rentout provides a platform for the owner these products where they can rent them and earn money. These products are made available to the people who need them but do not want to spend too much or are low on cash.

The concept of Way2rentout is fresh. It not only lets you rent products and services but also lets an owner list their product on the website to make it available to the renters who are interested. Way2rentout makes it a simple 3 step process for both the rent and the owner.

Passions should be followed, without letting the budget ruin them.

Way2rentout is the result of critical analysis, which grabbed the brain of co-founders for years. When they were thinking about why Indians put too much money in buying not-so-used things, why we don’t rent expensive automobiles or exchange them for unlimited times, why do we stop ourselves from pursuing passions due to lack of money when renting can help, why do we sell our favourite products in crisis when renting it out can help, why to repeat jewelry when you can wear new and latest ornaments without paying the full price, and many such questions – Way2rentout was taking shape in their brains.

Living in developing cities is getting heavier on the pocket day by day. The prices are rapidly increasing every day. To easy out some expenses renting helps as you do not have to pay the total amount for something you will not use after a few months. The idea took time in becoming reality as the concept was new and needed a great amount of market research. But the usefulness of the website made it popular in a very short span of time.

What can you rent? As you are renting,you decide what to rent – no limits!

At way2rentout, you will be able to list anything in furture from a music system to a DVD player, from catering services to a room, management services to party essentials – Absolutely anything! Some categories (not limited to), in which our website can serve your rental needs the best are clothing, electronics, automobiles, fashion accessories, fitness equipment, furniture, jewelry, real estate and musical instruments.
We bridge the gap among the owners and renters, living in similar Indian cities or localities. Our audience comprises of a great diversity of Indian residents, including shopkeepers, students, professionals and anyone, who owns/wants a product or service. Our portal connects a trusted community of people to fully utilize the not-so-used or occasionally used items at convenient pricing, decided through the mutual agreement.

Why Should I Rent my Belongings or Services?

You love your belonging as a family member, right? So, let them be responsible & Earn from them today!

Money is the matter of concern for everyone and that’s where we got the revolutionary idea of way2rentout.com,If you are an owner, the website will let you earn a good amount of money from the goods or services which you can rent. Renting out the unnecessary items will make your home spacious at the same time.
On the contrary, if you are a renter and want specific products or services for a specific amount of time then our portal lets you pay the least price for it. So basically, we save you from a big headache of buying a whole cake, when you actually need a small slice.

Shifting Gives Pain?Forget it and Rent….

In today’s world, mobility is prominent. We keep on changing our location due to work and education purposes. The high costs of living, lack of time for shopping and limited budget restricts us leaves us with 2 options – buy it or leave it. We, at way2rentout.com, have remodeled the situation by creating a third option for you i.e. ‘ take it on rent’. The major problems, we are solving for you are –

  • Saving you for the hassles of shifting home appliances and furniture to newer locations for a small time period.
  • Eliminating the need of buying costly outfits or other products for rare occasions like marriage.
  • Preventing you from collecting a pile of costly but useless things.